Bespoke Flooring

A world of quality, crafted, hand-finished wood flooring


A world of quality crafted, bespoke, hand-finished wood flooring is set out in the pages that follow.

As you browse through our website you will be introduced to a characterful array of hand-finished wood flooring products that can be produced in a multitude of styles and colours that result in the inest of bespoke floors, each unique in its own way. From stylish planks, through carefully aged and distressed herringbones or chevrons, to feature floors such as Versailles or Mansion Weave there is something to suit every taste.

Our speciality, gained through over 20 years in the UK, is in producing high quality, individual floors that stand out from the crowd, resulting in a timeless beauty that adds to any home, office or commercial environment. Each piece, whatever size, is carefully selected and finished by hand for you.

Our website will enable you to select a wood species, grade and size, and choose a surface preparation and coloured finish to suit your requirements. Options for planks or patterned flooring add to the choice, which enables you to choose the bespoke floor of your dreams.

Enjoy the journey!