(Juglans regia or Juglans nigra)

Luxurious, rich, classy and warm are words that come to mind when mentioning Walnut flooring. Its distinct colour and grain make Walnut a choice to showcase luxury and quality in an interior.

Walnut flooring comes in two different varieties. American Black Walnut or European Walnut. American Black walnut generally has a deeper and darker colour but misses the warmth and richness of the European variety.

Depending on the grading Walnut comes with clearly visible, light-coloured sapwood that creates a distinct light-dark pattern across the floor.

Even though Walnut is classified as a hardwood it is softer than for example Oak flooring and this must be taken into consideration when choosing this beautiful floor. Due to its own distinct natural beauty and appearance Walnut is rarely chosen to create bespoke coloured finishes.