Solid Flooring

Solid A Grade

Clean grade, no sapwood, knots up to approx. 30 mm diameter, some natural colour variety, no heartwood. This grade creates a calm, clean, contemporary look across the floor.

Solid B Grade

Rustic grade, a hint of sapwood allowed, knots up to approx. 60 mm diameter, natural colour variety, a hint of heartwood. This grade shows off most of all the beautiful natural wood features in the floor.

Solid C Grade

Extra Rustic Grade, unlimited sapwood allowed, unlimited knots allowed including open knots, cracks along the face and on the ends allowed, some defects on the face. This grade provides a rugged, uncompromising, lived-in look across the floor.

Depending on the batch of raw material that is being produced it can often come out cleaner than expected. Nevertheless, all different features are allowed.